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Monthly Archives: November 2018

  • All I Want For Christmas Is Flip-In Hair Extensions

    It’s that time of year again where we rack our brains to try and think of the perfect gift idea for that special someone who simply has everything! You want something that’s as thoughtful as it is useful, something that won’t end up as a re-gift next year or that will just be left to collect dust on a shelf somewhere. Something that shows just how much you love your nearest and dearest during the most wonderful time of the year.

    Well, every fashion fanatic in your life needs Flip-In Hair to transform and complete their super stylish look! Whether you or your loved ones already enjoy the benefits of wired hair extensions, Flip-In Hair should definitely be at the top of your Christmas list for 2018.

    No clips, no glue, no weaving!

    Ask any Flip-In Hair fan and they’ll tell you just how amazing our unique hair extension design is! With no clips, no glue, and no weaving, you can switch up your hairstyle in a matter of seconds without damaging your hair and at a fraction of the cost! With a wide range of styles and colours to choose from, there’s something for absolutely anyone and everyone.

    We first created The Original Flip-In Hair Extensions back in 2007, which add instant length and volume to both straight and wavy hair. Since then, we’ve introduced 3 new styles to the Flip-In Hair range: Flip-In Hair Flash, Flip-In Hair Lite, and the Flip-In Hair Ponytail. Whether you’re looking to add an instant flash of eye-catching colour, or perhaps more subtle length and volume for a more understated look, or even an instant ponytail for dramatic flair, you’re sure to turn heads at your Christmas party with Flip-In Hair!

    Browse Our Shop

    In every product, you get your wired hair extensions along with a sleek black jacket to protect your Flip-In Hair between wears, as well as a new tail comb and spare wire. To help you, we also include wiring instructions and a helpful hair care leaflet. This Christmas, it’s time to look good in the hair you wear, so don’t hesitate to visit our website and browse our online shop to find out more about our innovative, award-winning products!

    There, you’ll be able to order your Flip-In Hair straight to your door, or find your nearest supplier with our online search tool. For anything else, please do get in touch as we’d love to hear from you and be a part of making this Christmas your best one yet!

  • Stress-Free Flip-In Hair Extensions



    If, like us, you LOVE the feeling you get when you see yourself in the mirror with some brand new hair extensions, then you know all too-well just how much of a struggle it is to get to that point. Most quality hair extensions have to be professionally put in and removed by trained experts, which is not only very time-consuming, but also very costly with each new appointment.

    This proves to be a problem for those of us with back-to-back schedules and a tight budget. Once they’re in, hair extensions are not only notoriously difficult to maintain and manage, but they can seriously damage your natural hair. While it might be worth the stress, surely there’s a simpler solution?


    An Innovation in Hair Extensions

    That’s where Flip-In Hair extensions come in! Our innovative products have been providing a very quick and easy solution to your hair extension woes since 2007, and we’ve come so far in the last decade. Internationally recognised, our adjustable wired extensions are designed for comfort and versatility, offering a unique layered design, with a tapered finish and an overall natural look.

    With no clips, no glue, and no weaving, you can add length and volume in minutes in the comfort of your own home. Our extensions can be removed as easily and they are applied, meaning you can temporarily switch up your style with no long-term commitments and without having to face growing them out! With wiring instructions and detailed hair care guides, looking after your Flip-In Hair extensions is no trouble at all. Eliminate stress and cut back on monthly costs by indulging in your first Flip-In Hair Extension that’ll have you hooked from the get-go!


    Extensions to Suit Your Style

    Manufactured here in the UK and shipped around the globe, our award-winning extensions are loved the world over. As well as the basic extensions, we offer numerous variations to meet your style wants and needs. Flip-In Hair Flash is a smaller extension that is 5 inches in width and provides a flash of colour to your hair, while Flip-In Hair Lite is half the weight of the Original extensions. Finally, the Flip-In Hair Ponytail simply hooks around your existing hair to give you an instant ponytail. All of our products come in a wide range of natural and bright colours and are made from 100% human hair for an effortless, natural result in seconds.

    For more information about any of our products and to make your next purchase, don’t hesitate to visit our website or get in touch today!



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